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September 2013 Wrap-Up: Books and Reviews

October 2, 2013

Ye Grande Olde TBR(e) Challenge Update

I started September with 243 unread books sitting around my house. And I ended with … *drumroll* …245! September was sort of a slow month for me reading-wise, a combination of being busy with work and having a few books that I found slow-going, and one that was fast-moving but looooong. But mostly the busy-ness thing. October’s looking to be a lot lighter work-wise, although I will be busy with guests, so who knows?

…anyways, let’s take a look at the breakdown:

Neutral books – Read, but don’t affect the TBR pile

The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by Catherynne M. Valente

Read But Not Owned (Books)
The First Rule of Swimming by Courtney Angela Brkic
Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Read But Not Owned (Graphic Novels)
Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim
Fables: Fairest, Vol. 2: The Hidden Kingdom by Bill Willingham & Lauren Beukes

Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold
Borders of Infinity by Lois McMaster Bujold

Changes to the TBR pile

Read from my TBR pile (huzzah!)
The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas
Kushiel’s Justice by Jacqueline Carey

Added and then read (um… huzzah?)
State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

Added to my TBR pile (all-around shame!)
The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner (at least partly Redhead’s fault) XO Orpheus: Fifty New Myths ed. by Kate Bernheimer
Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey Warriors ed. by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois
Added to my eTBR pile (non-storage-space-related shame!)
The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson (Dave’s fault!) * Pursuant to the discussion on this post, I’ve decided to create an eTBR pile for e-books for which I actually pay money. I’m not adding them into my total TBR numbers, but I have to fess up about them somewhere. Keeps me honest.
The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett Sourcery by Terry Pratchett
Mort by Terry Pratchett Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

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  1. October 2, 2013 5:20 pm

    LOL, you’re not the first person to blame me for stuff getting added to their TBR. have you read Swordspoint by Kushner? Privilege of the Sword is a not-sequel that takes place in the same world, with some character overlap.

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