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Carrie Jones – Entice: Review and Giveaway

January 3, 2011

160. Entice by Carrie Jones (2010)
Need Pixies, Book 3

Read my review of book:
1. Need
2. Captivate

Length: 264 pages
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Started: 24 December 2010
Finished: 27 December 2010

Where did it come from? From the publishers for review.
Why do I have it? I’m occasionally in the mood for a good fluffy read, and the earlier books in the series have fit the bill.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 29 November 2010.

Too bad Google Maps
doesn’t have directions to
get to Valhalla.

I’m giving away a copy of this book to one lucky reader; see the bottom of the post for details!

Summary: When her shape-shifter boyfriend Nick was killed by an evil pixie king and taken to Valhalla by a Valkyrie, Zara White did the unthinkable: she let a pixie kiss her, so that she would have the powers to bring Nick back. But that one kiss changed everything: she’s now feared and untrusted by her friends and family, she’s suddenly being treated as the queen to Astley, the pixie king who turned her, and the evil pixies still have the upper hand in her small Maine town, killing her friends and classmates. What’s worse, Zara has no idea to get to Valhalla to save Nick – or whether or not he’ll even want to be saved by her, now that she’s become the very thing he’s sworn to hate.

Review: These books have all of the ingredients needed to be a perfect fluffy read: YA paranormal romance with a hint of a love triangle, plenty of action, a decent sense of humor, creepy bad guys, and a sweeping mythic scope (I mean, Asgard, for crying out loud.) But somehow I never find them quite as absorbing as I think I should. I also can’t quite put my finger on why.

Part of it was certainly the plot. I liked Nick well enough in the first two books, but I certainly didn’t like him enough to think that he merited an entire book of “I have to save my boyfriend and I’m going to do so in the most rash and reckless way possible, because OMG MY ONE TRUE LOVE and it doesn’t matter if a bunch of other people get hurt because of it even though he’s more or less in heaven and probably doesn’t really need or even want to be saved but I want him back, and I want him back now, so let’s do this thing.” (Can you tell that I was a little fed-up with Zara by the end of the book?)

Actually, just about the only character I found interesting and sympathetic this time around was Astley, and I do wonder how the pseudo-love triangle is going to pan out. I would have also liked Zara’s other friends to be a little more involved in the story, but in this installment, they were mostly relegated to minor supporting roles. (As a side note to authors: if you’re going to have a character named Issie, please spell that character’s nickname Iz or Iss. Reading sentences like “Is sips hot chocolate.” yanked me out of the story every time while I tried to figure out if Jones meant the verb or the person.)

Still, the book was definitely action-packed and fast-moving, and I always appreciate the blending of mythology into my fiction. I didn’t love it, and it didn’t grab my attention the way I wanted it to, but it did keep me interested enough to keep reading. 3 out of 5 stars.

Recommendation: These books aren’t stand-alones, but the series as a whole should definitely appeal to paranormal romance fans that are tired of vampires and are looking for a quick, light read.

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First Line: “Am I really not allowed to complain about being here?” I ask as we enter Bedford High School about an hour late for the winter ball.

Giveaway Info: Bloomsbury is awesomely letting me give away a copy of Entice! To enter, you need two things: 1) a US street address (sorry, international folks, that’s a publisher’s restriction), and 2) a functional e-mail address (The winner will be notified by e-mail; if I don’t hear back within 72 hours, I’m picking a new winner.) If you have both of those things, click on over to the giveaway form and enter to win! Contest open until 12 January 2011.

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. January 6, 2011 6:52 am

    Finally have a copy of this, if I can get it away from my daughter!

  2. Lovebug permalink
    August 31, 2011 3:48 pm

    Can’t wait to read this next book!!!!!!!! I DO NOT CARE if some of you think these books aren’t the best because these books clearly are, no matter what you say!!!!!!!!!! i give this book 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. timA permalink
    September 24, 2015 4:41 pm

    I actually loved neeD… It was just awesome

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