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Giveaway of Etta by Gerald Kolpan

January 19, 2009

That’s right, I’m giving away my ARC copy of Etta by Gerald Kolpan!

Some things to do:
1) Read my review.

2) Check out my interview with the author.

3) Enter the giveaway!
To enter, leave a comment below telling me your Wild West outlaw name. You can get ideas here, or just be creative.

– To be valid, your comment must also have a valid e-mail. It doesn’t have to be in the text of the comment, but make sure the address you put in the little box that’s labeled e-mail is real, and one that you check regularly.

– This contest is open worldwide, as long as non-U.S. entrants have a BookMooch account and are willing to mooch the book (I’ll smooch the two points back to you).

– The winner will be drawn randomly on the morning of Sunday, 25 January 2009.

4) If you don’t win (or even if you do!), you can pre-order a copy of this great book from Amazon.

12 Comments leave one →
  1. BookBegger permalink
    January 19, 2009 10:19 am

    My wild west name is Christy “Storm” Knight that what I got on the generator. If I choosse my own nme it would be Violate “Lightning” Smith.

    Please enter me:)

  2. January 19, 2009 10:32 am

    I guess my Wild West outlaw name would be: CowgirlwiththeBraids. Nothing too different.

  3. January 19, 2009 11:43 am

    Hmm. My Wild West name would be Pony Girl. :-)

  4. January 19, 2009 1:04 pm

    My Wild West name (from the generator, not my imagination) is Filthy Crawford. That just makes me laugh!!

    I’d love to win this book!

  5. January 19, 2009 3:32 pm

    My wild west name from the generator is “Spectacles” Holt. :)

  6. mindy permalink
    January 19, 2009 9:19 pm

    my wild west name from my imagination would be mad dog mindy thanks for the giveaway

  7. angela c permalink
    January 19, 2009 9:52 pm

    My name would be Mean Angela Jean.
    angelacisco at

  8. sandy permalink
    January 20, 2009 4:43 pm

    wild sandy would be my name

  9. Kathy D permalink
    January 20, 2009 9:27 pm

    Emma for my grandmother who loved Westerns and to ride… I will miss you more than I can say….

  10. Darby Lohrding permalink
    January 20, 2009 10:53 pm

    “Ann “Rustler” Ramsey”, is my cowgirl name!
    Yep that’s me, I’m a rustler of book pages! : )
    Thanks for passing on the “great read”!!!!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  11. January 21, 2009 12:50 pm

    Ok. So I would pick “Sourdough Sal”. Because I love sourdough bread…love it! But then I’d have to change my name to Sal, because “Sourdough Amanda” sounds weird. Thanks for the giveaway and love your review!

  12. Tracey Byram permalink
    January 23, 2009 4:49 pm

    My wild west name would be Stormy Weathers.

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