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Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black – Lucinda’s Secret

April 12, 2008

48. Lucinda’s Secret by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black (2003)
The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 3

Length: 108 pages

Genre: Childrens; Fantasy

Started: 12 April 2008
Finished: 12 April 2008

Summary: Jared’s kept Arthur Spiderwick’s book, even though their house brownie has repeatedly warned him that it’s dangerous. After visiting their Great-Aunt Lucinda, who is not quite as crazy as the grown-ups think she is, the Grace children discover that having the book is dangerous – and that they’re not the only ones who want it.

Review: Same fun and spooky adventure as the rest, plus we finally start to get some clues to the mystery of the book and of the Graces’ great-great-uncle Arthur. Obviously these are targeted at younger kids, but they’re clever and well-built enough that they make fun light reading for grown-ups as well. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Recommendation: Can’t stop reading here…

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First Line: Jared Grace took out a red shirt, turned it inside out, and put it on backward.

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